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Beware! 10 Things That Can Make You Fail Finals

Be careful! 10 Things That Can Make You Fail Finals Finals are the essential shrewdness of your school understanding. Like an awful flat mate, they appear all their useful for is destroying your rest, worrying you, and making it difficult to do anything fun. The issue is, if you’re not proactive about kicking your finals in the butt, they’re going to get you first. The most ideal approach to prevail at finals is the standard know your adversary. Discover the manners in which that you can wind up being not ready for your finals †and deal with a technique of dodging these things and nailing your last, most important tests like a star. Terrible Sleep Numerous understudies concentrate for a test the prior night and the greater part of them dont do that successfully. In the event that you’re up the entire evening playing Call of Duty, seven days every week, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. In addition to the fact that it is awful for your examination propensities (except if you’re reading for your â€Å"21st Century Weaponry† course), however it’s burdening for your mind. Be keen and leave your late-evening shooting meetings for after finals week. Tip: Try to get a great night’s rest at any rate 2 evenings before your test. Get in any event 6 hours of rest the night prior to the enormous day. Pick the best an ideal opportunity to read for finals. Terrible Food You’re attempting to prop your entire framework up on simply Red Bull and pizza? You’re setting yourself up for a fall. Fatty, low-supplement nourishments like these make it increasingly hard for your neurons to fire, which implies that you’re not thinking just as you could be. Help your cerebrum out and eat mind boosting food before test. Tip: Eat protein-rich food before test. Incorporate eggs, nuts, yogurt, milk and entire grain oat in your pre-test breakfast and you will feel increment in vitality and cerebrum action. Terrible Friends Any individual who is coming around your loft during finals week and being noisy and unpalatable isn't generally your companion. You have to dispense with all the abundance clamor, uproar, and stress while you’re attempting to prepare for these significant tests and tasks. Tip:Tell your coldhearted companions to get out †until the week is finished. Evade individuals who are too apprehensive about finals dont let them making you anxious too. Recollect that isolation and very music is better than noisy organization and ruinous, negative state of mind of your flat mate before tests. Terrible Media Each time you plunk down to compose that last paper, what do you wind up accomplishing for a considerable length of time? Most likely, Facebook, Twitter, or online recordings or something to that affect. These will subvert your opportunity for progress, for the most part since it is so natural to burn through long periods of indispensable planning time on them. Tip: Turn off your web based life with an application like AntiSocial. Terrible Studying Is it true that you are wasting your time featuring quickly and attempting to repetition retain recorded dates? Exploration shows that featuring alone isn't viable for social event data, particularly during present moment pack meetings. Tip: Study more astute by skimming writings, making intelligent memory banks, or putting your data to music. Terrible Cheating In the event that you’re worried and ill-equipped, cheating may resemble an outrageously smart thought. Cheating is a high-hazard, low-reward action that may get you failed out of your group or out of your school for good. Tip: Instead of cheating, take some time and lock in to your investigations. You’ll find out more and have the option to really complete your degree. Awful Relationships Does it appear your better half begins to get pouty around finals week? Do you get into more contentions when the person feels like you’re investing an excessive amount of energy considering? This individual, while certainly hot, isn't beneficial for you during finals week. Tip: Talk to them early and clarify how significant it is for you to center. In the event that they have a tantrum, possibly it’s time to take a break †they plainly don’t have your eventual benefits at the top of the priority list. Terrible Teachers Infrequently, you’ll get an instructor who is only horrible. This individual probably won't have the foggiest idea about the material, or they may simply give you a last that has nothing to do with the coursework they’ve been introducing for as far back as 3 months. Tip: If you get a test that is totally out of the ballpark (or that is inadequately composed, conveyed, or evaluated), don’t be reluctant to go to your instructor and the division seat. It’s likely that the instructor is failing a lot more understudies and should be criticized. Awful Attendance There is a little gathering of understudies who imagine that they are so keen, they don’t truly need to appear for class so as to get a decent last grade. False. Numerous schools really figure your participation your last grade. What's more, there are regularly numerous inquiries on the last that come straightforwardly from the talks. Tip: Make sure you’re there each possibility you get so you have a superior possibility of acing the test. Awful Anxiety Nothing tanks your finals score like inclination you’re going to come up short. In the event that you have test-taking uneasiness issues, it’s likely you will freeze up during the test. Tip: Consider some positive assertions or stress-diminishing exercises previously. Additionally, talk with your educator about conceivable elective settings or choices so you don’t freeze during the test. Have some other tips or recommendations? 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Risk and Returns Calculations Impact of Mathematics in Finance Essay

Hazard and Returns Calculations Impact of Mathematics in Finance - Essay Example Monetary computations and hypotheses are not finished and compelling except if they are connected with Mathematical ideas. For sure there has been an extraordinary effect of science in the money related stream. The numerical ideas has empower the business doing people take increasingly successful choices identified with financing, speculations, capital planning, etc. Besides, a speculation choice requires a Ã' areful assessment of accessible other options, evaluating of the prize and hazard related with every one of the options that are accepted to best serve the venture goals at hand.For occasion, while settling on the choices in regards to speculation and financing, the money supervisors try to accomplish the correct harmony among hazard and return.If the firm obtains intensely to fund its tasks, at that point the surpluses produced out of activities would be adequate to support the obligation as premium and head payments.The excess or benefit accessible to the proprietors would b e diminished due to the overwhelming ‘Debt †servicing’. On the off chance that things don't turn out to be as arranged and the firm can't meet its commitments, the organization is even presented to the danger of indebtedness. Likewise the different speculation openings have a specific measure of hazard related with the arrival and furthermore when the arrival would materialize.The Finance director needs to choose whether the open door is worth more than its expense, and whether the extra weight of obligation can be securely borne

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Nature, nurture human diversity and personality Essays

Nature, sustain human decent variety and character Essays Nature, sustain human decent variety and character Essay Nature, sustain human decent variety and character Essay Nature, sustain human decent variety and character Name: Course: Teacher: Organization: Date: Nature, sustain human decent variety and character Conversation 2 My character type is solid. I know about the Myers-Briggs character test. The reason for this character test is to make the mental kinds hypothesis depicted by C.G. Wilderness reasonable to individuals. It additionally makes this hypothesis helpful in people’s lives. This test shows that conduct contrast is precise and reliable. This is a direct result of the manners in which individuals decide to see and judge various circumstances. In this way, on the off chance that individuals see and judge circumstance in an unexpected way, at that point it is just sensible for them to contrast to their greatest advantage, reaction, standards motivation and capacity. The primary point of this character test is to perceive and welcome the various individuals that exist. All character types are the equivalent. There is no best character type. This test just searches for the distinctions and doesn't gauge the various characters, aptitudes or characteristics (Berens Nardi, 2004). This data is critical to the individual and expert life since it can help people in molding their vocations. It likewise assists people with adjusting their own lives to their character types. This data can help a business in accomplishing more from their business groups by permitting the colleagues to cooperate and all the more productively. This test has been benefited to organizations and people everywhere throughout the world. Various investigations have demonstrated this test substantial and dependable. It gives a similar outcome when done more than once. A confirmed instrument gives a right profile on an individual’s character type. This test is utilized in the greater part of the enormous associations to assess the representatives. This test is additionally utilized in bunch elements, worker preparing, the executives preparing, marriage treatment and self-awareness. This test estimates four bipolar elements. These are introspection or extraversion, thinking or feeling, instinct or detecting and judging or seeing (Miller, Van vault McBrewster, 2010). Conversation 3: One of the hypotheses found out about is the administration hypothesis. Douglas McGregor built up this hypothesis. It sees worker inspiration. It considers the administration styles and depicts two fundamental mentalities that influence manager’s execution at the work place. These two different ways are clarified by two hypotheses. These are hypothesis X and Y. These hypotheses find out the management’s job to gather the variables of creation and talented workers so as to make the company’s progress. I think that its intriguing that hypothesis X expect a typical individual to disdain work and consistently discover motivation to evade it. As indicated by this hypothesis, an ordinary individual abhorrences obligation and isn't driven. An ordinary individual just consideration about himself and not the associations achievement. Then again, hypothesis Y expresses that work is a typical thing and individuals can make progress in the event that they set their focus on it. In case of remuneration, representatives will be progressively centered around accomplishing their targets. Be that as it may, close oversight ought to be seen by the chiefs so as to accomplish this (Myers, 2006). This hypothesis basically contributes in persuading the representatives. Through this, the association makes progress since the workers watch the organizations goals. They target accomplishing these destinations since they are spurred. They likewise intend to fulfill their most noteworthy individual needs through their employments and to pick up acknowledgment. This hypothesis is likewise vital to the current day brain science since it helps in discovering methods of making individuals in the association increasingly beneficial. It enables the administration to have the option to expand creation and skill to deal with the representatives. This hypothesis likewise encourages the directors to be incredible supervisors. Administrators manage numerous undertakings day by day. They along these lines need to discover methods of similarly managing these assignments so as to accomplish incredible profitability. In this manner, the supervisors who know about the administration hypothesis enor mously advantage from it (Miner, 2008). References Berens, L. V., Nardi, D. (2004). A prologue to the character type code. Huntington Beach, Calif: Telos Publications. Mill operator, F. P., Van arch, A. F., McBrewster, J. (2010). Myers-Briggs type pointer. Lover Bassin, Mauritius: Alphascript Publishing. Excavator, J. B. (2008). The executives hypothesis. New York: Macmillan. Myers, D. G. (2006). Investigating brain research: Sixth release in modules. Princeton, N.J: Recording for the Blind Dyslexic.

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Avoiding Manipulation in Free Thinking - 1100 Words

Avoiding Manipulation in Free Thinking (Term Paper Sample) Content: Avoiding Manipulation in Free ThinkingNameInstitution AffiliateOutlineThis paper is about avoiding manipulation in free thinking. To tackle this issue, the following will be addressed; 1 Definition of a free thinker.A free thinker is a person who has the ability to think in an independent way. A free thinker is able to make their own independent decision. However, there are several factors that hinder many people from thinking independently. These factors will be analyzed in the paper. 2 Importance of free thinking.Free thinking is of great importance. It means that a person is able to think independently and make independent decisions. The important part of it is that a free thinker will be able to stand for the decisions that they make. 3 Hindrances for free thinking.There are many factors that make free thinking so hard. Most of these factors are outside the control of a person. For example, religion and cultural beliefs are some of the hindrances to free thinking that will be addressed in the paper. 4 The paper will also discuss the effect of cultural and religious beliefs, Tradition, and political and Socratic ideologies on free thinking.All these are some of the hindrances of free thinking. There are factors that are in the environment in which a person grows, and they are very strong factors that can affect the way people think, thereby, making free thinking almost impossible. 5 How to avoid hindrances to free thinking.The paper will also provide an analysis on how to avoid these hindrances to free thinking. To be a free thinker will mean that the ability of a person in thinking is not influenced by such factors as religion and cultural beliefs, political affiliations, or tradition that a person has grown in.Avoiding manipulation in free thinkingIntroductionBeing a free thinker is the ability to make independent decisions and to have owned opinions on important issues instead of accepting what other people say (Frede, 2011). The society t oday is full of different opinions regarding various subjects, from politics religion, atheism and so many more. Every person, institution and different schools of thought around the world in one or the other want to make us believe they are right or what they believe in is the correct one. One, therefore, has to be careful in what they wish to believe by critically thinking through these issues. In this essay, I will discuss the importance of free thinking, the hindrances to freethinking, and how to avoid them.Religion and Cultural BeliefsReligion consists of beliefs, cultural systems and views regarding humanity. It is respect for what is sacred in relevance to the gods, a bond between man and the gods (Mawson). Religion has many doctrines that influence the way people perceive various issues the world over. There are the various religions in the world like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hindu. Christianity, for instance, has a 33% converts all around the world who follow and adhere to the doctrines set by the church. Due to increase in world population, this has had more disadvantages than advantages due to the scarcity and over-exploitation of the available resources. It is advisable that people take control by using family planning methods. And among the family planning methods, is the use of condoms. The use of condoms in family planning is against the doctrines of the Catholic Church, which stands with the opinion that God intended people to multiply freely. Now this has hindered the efforts of population control.Believe in religious beliefs has caused the world more harm than good if we consider the Islam religion under whose umbrella most terrorists operate. Due to the conflict between religions, part of the Islam groups believes if they kill Christians and die in the process, they will be taken to heaven. This has led to suicide bombers attacking the Christians resulting in chaos in the world. What makes a critical thinker a free thinker is not w hat he or she holds as belief but how he or she holds them, the endorsement of critical thinking has been challenged by religion across the world and this may call for solution to help people to exercise free thinking like teaching theology freedoms, where Christian believers will know to differentiate between good practices and bad and out of date doctrines. In the midst of an increasingly changing world, critical thinking has become a crucial attribute that is expected of university graduates. However, the application of this freethinking has had challenges in many college students and the people all over the world due to the influence of culture. Individual beliefs and culture can affect the principle and reasoning in areas of thinking. It is a persuasive factor in ways of individual beliefs which mean it plays a role in the society today.There are various cultures in the world today, and all affect the society in different ways. For example, physical environment, inspirational p eople, scientific affairs, and cultures have direct effect on the society. Culture can be defined as characteristics of particular people and the knowledge they process, from language, religion, habits, and art (Hogan, 2009). It can be demonstrated on narrow perspective by taking an example of the same group of university students from different universities. The way university students perceive issues is different considering the culture that they are used to, take for instance students in countries with political instability will champion for changes in political structures unlike students from countries with poor economies.Different aspects of culture affect the reasoning differently depending on the factor that influenced the culture more in development. Culture has many aspects that affect the way decisions are made; they include history, religion, individual beliefs, language, geography, and race. Individual beliefs are convictions and opinions. Beliefs are developed through f amily, education, peers and location where the individual lives. For instance, a person living in a developing nation where securing employment is hard will believe in saving in case of loss of the job. There are various cultures in the world today and they all play a role in free thinking of individuals, whether in a good or bad way, it is the role of the free thinker to apply the critical thinking tools in order to understand the issues logically. Another important aspect to look into concerning free thought is a tradition. Through history, every group has had traditions that they like to be identified with (Krishna, 2011).Tradition and Free thinkingTradition is a way of thinking or doing something used by people in a particular group or society, the most important being the belief. Tradition include practices that people have practiced over the years and has become part of their way of life, from religious traditions like Christmas celebrations, political traditions, scholarly tr aditions like the Socrates tradition, African traditions like female genital mutilation, family traditions and so on. These traditions affect the way individuals reason concerning various issues, for instance, some Africans believes ancestors can bring good or bad to the society, and in case of bad occurrences, they have to make sacrifices to appease the ancestors in order to bring peace and order. For Christians, they believe that Jesus died to save humanity and in case of bad occurrences, they have to pray to God through Christ to solve the problem. Some practices done today originate from a long time ago, following events that occurred or a practice that was observed because of different reasons. Christians, for instance, observe the day of charismas because they believe Jesus was born that day, although this has not been fully proven.Socratic IdeologiesSocratic ideologies are also significant to this day and are referred to as Socratic traditions still influence the education sy stems of today. For student willing to exercise freethinking, it is advisable to use critical thinking elements and avoid being sucked into the traditional ways of tackling issues. Political settings also influence the way in which people view and tackle issues. Political organizations are based in various ideologies, for instance, democratic settings, dictatorial setting or communistic setting (Chaffee, 2005). In democratic setting power is exercised by the people for the people, in this way of rule, people believe that people have the ability to determine the way in which they are governed, with freedoms to every individual. On dictatorial governments, the leader has all the power to determine what is best for the citizens.People in dictatorial regimes believe that the leader can choose what is best for them, thus limiting the possibility of exercising free thought. For instance Adolf Hitler, who was a leader of German, made the citizens believe that the Jews were the cause of Ger manà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s loss of world war one, and he convinced the soldiers to fight in his course to wipe all the Jews in German and the neighboring countries like Austria.Political organizations represent authority. In addition, the assumption here is that any authority figure is correct in whatever they claim. On an individual level, this may include the parents of an individual, the management of the university, or experts in an area like the field of medicine. All this is believed to have credibility in whatever they purport to say. The authority, in many times, may be biased or over rated. For instance, you might be required to undergo painful injections or operations because the doctor prescribed the treatment. Although the authority might be right, the part where the individual has no say in the decisions being made concerning him hinders the ability to think critically. Similarly, in religious context, some id...

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Essay on Career Profile Advertising Executive - 1364 Words

Career Profile Task The career that I have chosen to profile is that of an Advertising Executive. Advertising professionals combine creativity with sound business sense to market a product based on financial, sociological, and psychological research. To ensure this complicated process works smoothly, advertisers spend a lot of time in the office (a six-day week is not unusual). Most of their time is spent brainstorming, creative blockbusting, and sifting through demographic research; less time is spent meeting with clients or pitching advertising campaigns. Fluidity of daily activity marks the life of the advertising executive who jumps from project to project. It takes a very disciplined person to handle both the creative end and the†¦show more content†¦Ã‚ · Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  · Knowledge of various Internet technologies (HTML, JavaScript, HTTP), and applications, (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS-Project, Macromedia Breeze or other training content development solution).  · Highly organized and detailed-oriented.  · Employee or customer-led Training and presentation experience.  · Successful program or project management experience.  · Graphic Design / Art skills  · Psychology  · Statistical / Analytical  · Creativity / Open Minded Experience Needed:  · Many job descriptions state that the applicant must have at least 5 years relevant experience.  · Experience in other fields, such as Graphic Design, communications, marketing, data analysis, and media are also helpful. (Although these may not be required, they certainly do help) Facts and Figures Number of people in profession: 507,000 Average hours spent working per week: 50 Average starting salary: $27,500 Average salary after 5 years: $41,000 Average salary after 10 to 15 years: $75,000 Job Satisfaction / Quality of Life Two Years Out At this point, you may have an entry-level position, mostly â€Å"assistantships†. This can mean answering mail, entering computer data, returning phone calls and proofreading copy text. Responsibilities can increase, but only with persistence, luck, and the help of someone currently in a position ofShow MoreRelatedLinkedin Analysis : Linkedin Corporation Essay1094 Words   |  5 Pages Stacey Wilson Week 2 Project â€Å"LinkedIn† Executive Summary This paper addresses LinkedIn Corporation. This article explains how Linked in business model works. It describes the form of business LinkedIn is, services it provides, its market position, how the business operates, channels of distribution, the company’s management and present and future company’s sources and uses of funds. A. Company LinkedIn Corporation is the company to study. LinkedIn Corporation operates as a corporationRead MoreEssay on Marketing Strategies970 Words   |  4 Pages Content:  The decision content includes market opportunity analysis, brand development, advertising, pricing and basic sales force management decisions. It also includes a simplified profit analysis. Decisions by Quarter Quarter 1: Setup your company, evaluate market opportunities and prepare for test market. †¢ DetermineRead MoreCis 207 Week 2/3 Web Mobile Paper811 Words   |  4 Pagescreates a profile, sort of like they would on Facebook, filing out any information they would like to share, they are now able to search and connect with other users whom they might know personally or have had a professional relationship with. Doing so grows those users â€Å"connections† which sort of follows a â€Å"six degrees of separation† logic: essentially that everybody is somehow connected through 6 people at most. This then creates a network of professionals and in turn promotes business and career opportunitiesRead MoreNordstrom, Inc. Company Profile Essay829 Words   |  4 Pagesjewelry, accessories, and fragrances (Nordstrom Inc.: Company profile, 2016). To this day, the company’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, and has expanded operations in 39 states and Canada, with a total of 323 stores, of which there are 121 full-line stores (Company History, n.d.). The company employs about 67,000 people. For the financial year ending January 2015, they recorded revenue at $13 million (Nordstrom Inc.: Company profile, 2016). The company’s number one goal since their existenceRead MoreProfessional Profile Essay1343 Words   |  6 PagesProfessional Profile I enjoy working to targets and a confident communicator who has prior experience of maintaining existing client relationships while generating new ones. I started my career as a CSR Executive and I have more than seven years experience in working with older people and people with disabilities. My experience has been varied and I have built a consistently successful track record in three different industries. With my passion for serving the community, I have produced many PRRead MoreMarketing Management Unit 51226 Words   |  5 Pagesbut was later changed to the Costco Wholesale Corporation in 1999. The concept of offering membership to consumers was initiated by the Price Company but carried on through the merger. James Sinegal has remained the company’s president and chief executive officer since 1983. His mission is to continually provide Costco’s members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. (, n.d.) The company has continued to be a leader in the service industry, this is reflectedRead MoreEssay on Burger King External Analysis1669 Words   |  7 PagesBURGER KING Team Members: Table of Content 1. Executive summary 2. Introduction. 1. Brief History. 2. Burger King Egypt. 2. Mission. 3. Forces Driving Industry Competition: 1. Determinates of entry. 1. Economies of scale. 2. Product differentiation. 3. Capital requirements. 4. Cost advantages. 2. Determinates of Supplier Power. 1. Switching cost of suppliers. Read MoreThe Shortage Of Airline Pilots Essay1703 Words   |  7 Pagesin 2012 using 50-seat RJs. In 2015, that’s expected to drop to 50%, as up gauging takes hold and it parks smaller RJs. The demand to staff more lucrative 70-seat regional aircraft is just the tip of the iceberg, says William Swelbar, InterVistas executive vice president and co-founder. The real pull is from the majors, where pilots are expected to retire in waves between now and 2023 as they reach the mandatory retirement age of 65. InterVistas calculates that American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, SouthwestRead MoreA Study Of Stylist Magazine1679 Words   |  7 Pageschief executive, Mike Soutar and have liaised with film producer Matthew Vaughn and French Connection founder Stephen Marks, using them as backers. It is clear that through the support of celebrities and high profile individuals such as the aforementioned, Shortlist Media is able to attract a wider audience thus heightening its recognition and revenue. Stylist have a decent number of staff, all of which work within one of the 5 main departments- the Editorial team, Publishing team, Advertising teamRead MorePestel Analysis Thai Airways995 Words   |  4 Pagescapital and therefore to what extent does passengers grows and expands Social Social factors include the cultural aspects and include health consciousness of the employees and staff of THAI airways besides , population growth rate, age distribution, career attitudes and emphasis on safety of the airline wether on ground or in air. Technological Technological factors include technological aspects such as Ramp;D activity, automation, technology incentives and the rate of technological change in the

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Grow Your Hair Lengthy with the Best Homemade Shampoo

GROW YOUR HAIR LENGTHY WITH THE BEST HOMEMADE SHAMPOO Now-a-days with the growing use of chemicals and pollutants in environment have started affecting the lustrous hairs of humans. With the imbalanced diet, stress and pollutants the quality of hair has started affecting severely and in the race of looking best always people tend to use more chemical products to have instant results. Women’s always end up using hair products which can spoil the hair due to the strong chemicals used in it or other such things which are not good for hairs. Ironing hairs, straightening hairs with the use of chemicals, blow drying hairs, hair colors etc are the products in which there are chances the hair will lose its natural quality and start deteriorating. Though chemical results are always short term, there are many homemade shampoos to nourish the hair in a natural way and making hairs look more lengthy, strong and shiny. Benefits of homemade shampoo: Homemade shampoos can be used frequently or on daily basis as it does not contain more of chemicals. Homemade shampoos are majorly made by natural, herbal and organic ingredients. The ill effects of these shampoos are nil and it provides more natural and everlasting shine to hair and making it stronger, lengthy etc. Methi (fenugreek) shikakai shampoo: Take 250 grams of fenugreek seeds and 1 kilogram of shikakai with handful of dried orange or lemon peels. Crush all ingredients to make a fine powder and soak the powder in a cup of

Nathaniel Hawthornes Tales free essay sample

This paper shows how Hawthornes writings serve as a social commentary on the inherent dangers in blind acceptance of religious teachings. An examination of three of Hawthornes works: Young Goodman Brown, The Birthmark and Ethan Brand . This paper shows that in all three, the author wishes to comment on the consequences of allowing religion to mar true recognition of goodness and beauty. All three stories highlight the fact that human kindness and faith are more important than obsession with religious teachings. Although Hawthornes writings have often been interpreted as being influenced by the authors Puritan heritage, the writer shows that there is equally a wide acknowledgment that Hawthorne left the interpretation of any moral lesson in his tales to the reader. The influence of Puritan religion is a common theme in Nathaniel Hawthornes works. Perhaps, it is the overwhelming presence of this theme that has led to Hawthornes writings being interpreted as morbid and full of Puritanical gloom. We will write a custom essay sample on Nathaniel Hawthornes Tales or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This interpretation is also encouraged by well-documented facts about Hawthornes strong awareness of his Puritan ancestry and his sense of guilt over their participation in the famous Salem witch trials. However, there is a much stronger case in favor of the fact that Hawthornes purpose was to actually use his writings as an indictment of Puritan society and indeed the folly of blind acceptance of religious teachings.